michael scott + andy bernard

Andy: You wanted to see me?
Michael Scott: Yeah. Have a seat.
Andy: Is it serious? [pauses] Wow. Andy's a wittle scarwed.
Michael Scott: [points at Andy] Right there is the problem. There have been reports around the office that you have been... talking baby talk.
Andy: Why would people say that?
Michael Scott: Well, I have it on good authority that you said the following. [hands Andy note card] Can you read that back to me?
Andy: "Andy have a boo-boo tummy." ... Would you rather me say, "Hey guys my irritable bowl syndrome is flaring up. Crazy diarrhea happening." Cause things can get real adult, real fast.
Michael Scott: You are also on record as saying "Wittle-ittle, footy-wooty, numb-numbs, jammies make boom-boom widicowous and whode iwand."
Andy: Do I sometimes replace r's with w's? Do I sometimes repeat a word to get my point across? Well if I do, Andy sowwy.
Michael Scott: You can't be a baby in the office. It makes me look like I hire babies.
Andy: Well, if we're complaning, a lot of people think your Elvis voice is annoying.
Michael Scott: Okay, who said that?
Andy: I... just people. For the record I think it's pretty fantastic.
Michael Scott: [impersonating Elvis] Well, thank you. Thank you a lot. And for what it's worth I think your baby voice is tops.
Andy: Tchank you, Mr. Elphis.
Michael Scott: You're welcome, baby.
-The Office, Season 6, Scott's Tots


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Lindsay C said...

This was a great laugh during my night class!