my 30 days | day 14, 15, and 16

I told my blog not to take a mini-vacation for Labor Day. It knew that it would have a lot of catching up to do, but it didn't care!

[up until the new year]
Make some pretty hair bows with all the bright, bold, and fun fabric I have.
Make some fun, new videos since I got my video camera fixed.
For the first time, share Christmas morning with more than three other people. It will be Becca's first Christmas with our family. :)
Spend as much time as possible with my baby niece, Selah before I have to go away for college.
Go away for college.

[am I allowed to make them the same thing? Because I hope to fulfill my dreams, so therefore they're goals...]
Learn how to play the drums before I die.
Work on a movie set.
Go sky diving. [that's IF you can get me out of the plane.]
Travel to a different country.
Take many road trips.
Get married and have beautiful babies.
Swim in a pool of noodles when I'm an old woman.

Well, there's no way I'm completely different from any other person in the world. But, I do have a few quirks that make me unique...

I have peed my pants in my teenage years.
I don't know how to read analog clocks.
I don't get blond jokes.
I don't like ice cream.
I think out loud, which sometimes gets me in trouble.
I get persuaded easily into buying stupid stuff, especially if the guy selling it is a European hottie.
I have a million shirts, but only two pairs of jeans.
If I drink Coke, it makes me pee for 40 seconds or more.
I watch the Office almost everyday.


There you have it, kids! Three days in one.

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Han said...

Day 14: I'll hold your hand and jump out the plane with you :) You could travel to England and do a jump with me - sorted thats two of the list hehe. The pool of noodles isn't that in Patch Adams?

Day 15:Pants - I did by accident to. I sometimes think aloud too. How do you know that about extra pee and Coke?

Day 16: I do sometimes but chocolate seems to be the main crave atm :( It's not good lol. Cheese is a bit of a comfort food which is never good lol.