new series that get's YOU involved!

Well, hello there blog readers! How are you doing today? I hope you're doing fine and dandy!

I'm starting a new series called...

Everyone has a way to take pictures, whether you have a camera or a camera phone!
Every week I will post a new challenge for you.
Your task is to take a picture with the item featured in the challenge.
I will feature all the photos in a blog post that following week.
If you are a fellow blogger, I will also post a link to your blog!

Jump in at any time! There's no commitment. If you see a challenge that you would like to participate in, go right on ahead!
Once you have taken a picture of the featured item (with yourself being in the picture), just send an email to:
SEND TO: koreeunveiled [at] yahoo [dot] com
SUBJECT: foto frenzy.
BODY: attach photo, include your name, and your blog link (if you have one)
 Please be sure to have your photo sent in via email by Tuesdays before noon.

Ready for your first challenge?

Take a picture with a fun clock.
This can be in your house, in a subway, in a mall, or at Grandma's house!
Any clock that you think is unique. :)
Make sure you're in the picture!

A handmade clock given to our family.

I'm so excited to see all your cool clocks!


Han said...

Thats kinda exciting - I have my camera phone with me and I will do what I can to join in :)

Christy said...

haha! It was funny to see that clock out of its "normal" spot!