over the river and through the woods...

...to Grandmother's house we go!

My dad and I went and visited my Grandma Baker this past week. She lives about 2 1/2 hours away from us, so we try to visit when we can. She's so funny. She always says really interesting things, and has halarious stories.

She thought I was being silly by taking her picture.

Dad and I discovered that she had cashews. We helped ourselves to them.

She has this beauiful lamp that hangs right by her recliner. I couldn't help myself.
I want this!

And then, on our way home, we stopped by this abandoned house and took some pictures. My dad just bought a new camera, so he's been messing with it alot. I love being the main subject of his photos! He did an awesome job, did he not?!

I will be messing with my blog later this evening. Please excuse the mess. You know how I am...I get bored with my blog really fast! 


Han said...

I love your new header thats soo cool :)

My Grandma was like that, didn't like having her photo taken - something about there just being an old lady looking back at her (she was like 70 before she passed away but her personality was like someone in her teens or twenties)

Kristen said...

Why havent you wrote about my birthay huh? wow koree wow.