a real life whip it.

I went somewhere yesterday.

Somewhere I've never been before.

It was competitive.

Pictures will be up tomorrow.

Here's a hint.

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Yelena said...

lovee your new header :)

Kae Lani said...

your skirt is cute!

are you in a wal-mart?

Court J said...

Glad you found my blog.
Love yours!
Sooo cute!

Ratz said...

Looking good, girl!! Loved your new header!

becca. said...

You're telling me you've never been to Walmart before? HA HA.

Ps. where is foto frenzy? Is it missing? :/

Artistic Madre said...

Thanks for the comment over at my blog! I did have a good Monday; it was actually my birthday! So, thank you. =] Your blog is very lovely!