fill in the blank friday | short + sweet

These blanks are brought to you by Lauren over at The Little Things We Do.
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1. I am a curly-haired, John Travolta lovin', crafty Los Portales addict.
2. I wish we had TiVo so that we didn't have to use our VHS recorder to catch shows like Glee, So You Think You Can Dance, and random award shows.
3. I like blasting my music when my parents aren't home, and droppin' it like it's hot.
4. I can't whistle.
5. I hope that my neck gets better, and that it will stop being so mean to me.
6. I think I become bored with my blog REALLY fast.
7. I was thinking about this, what possessed Kanye West to remove his entire bottom row of teeth, and replace them with diamonds??


Yelena said...

I lovee your new header. Love.
It looks awesome.
Kind of like an CD/album cover.
Love. :)

Yelena said...

RE: flea markets :)
The first two pictures are from a flea market on the corner of commercial and national. there are two right next door to each other, one is so cute and small and has amazing vintage stuff, very colorful and bold. The other one, where I saw the tower and the chair is a bigger shop, with a lot of furniture and stuff. First time I've been to either one. And the tables I saw at one of the STD flea markets on trafficway.
Charley's place, is that on trafficway? I think I've been there. I love flea markets, spend too much time there sometimes! lol :)