wicked tips | pumpkin carving.

Well, hello. It's the Wicked Witch here with some wicked tips for this up-and-coming Halloween. For the next five days I will be shooting some wicked tips and fiery posts your way. No need to fear, I'm only here on business terms. I will not be setting houses on fire or scaring any little nasty kids away. The Wizard of Oz has given me such a bad name...I have a soft side. And laughing and howling in that high-pitched voice really wears me out.

This series will be kicked off with a little pumpkin post. If you haven't already picked yourself out a nice plump pumpkin, now would be the perfect time. I will share tips on how to keep your pumpkin looking young, as well as some unique carved pumpkins.

Tip 001: Picking your pumpkin.
Choose a nice, large pumpkin. This makes it easier to control when carving. Don't pick a pumpkin that appears to be moldy or bruised. Try finding one that's a lighter color. You also want the pumpkin to be soft, so that it's easier to carve.

Tip 002: Pick your pattern.
Make sure to pick a nice, bold pattern for your pumpkin. You can either draw it on a piece of paper, or print out a pattern online (you can find some silly faces here). Use sharp scissors to cut out the pattern, and the holes of the pattern you will be carving into the pumpkin.

Tip 003: Pre-carving stages. 
When cutting the lid of the pumpkin, make sure you slice it at a 45 degree angle so that the lid doesn't fall through. Start removing the seeds using your hands or a large spoon (this is the fun part). Make sure you save the seeds if you want to toast them for a nice mid-day snack. Make sure to scrape all the sides of the inside of the pumpkin, allowing the light to be reflected when you light the pumpkin. If you want your pumpkin to last longer, soak the clean pumpkin in bleach  for a couple of hours (1 teaspoon of bleach in 1 gallon of water). After the pumpkin is dry, rub vegetable oil all over the pumpkin. Allow the pumpkin to dry, and tape your pattern onto the pumpkin. Use a marker to trace along the lines of the pattern.

Tip 004: Carve away!
Use a sharp knife, or a pumpkin carving knife to carve your pumpkin. Have fun with it, and be patient. The more precise and accurate you are, the cleaner your pumpkin will look. Try to carve a little outside of the lines, so that the marker lines will disappear.

Tip 005: Lighting your pumpkin.
Use a tea light or a small candle to light your pumpkin. Keep the lid off while your pumpkin is lit. You can even purchase a battery candle, if you have little ones running around.

Tip 006: Extras.
Sprinkle some cinnamon, nutmeg, and/or cloves in the bottom of the pumpkin to fill the air with fresh autumn scent.
Toast the pumpkin seeds in the microwave, oven, or on the stove for a nice salty snack.


Krystal said...

such great tips! I'll look forward to some more! I get so impatient with pumpkin carving, so those are super impressive, haha :)

Jessica Lynn said...

I loveee to carve pumpkins. My boyfriend and I had a little pumpkin carving party with my little sisters last year! Love your blog and became a follower today :D

Postscript: I love bucket lists too!!!