I woke up yesterday and the side of my mouth started throbbing, towards the back on the right side. It started getting worse and worse. It felt like my jaw was going to slowly fall off of my face. I took some medicine to take the pain away. While I was still in pain, my dad called the dentist and set me an emergency appointment for today at 2:20. This meant I was going to be late to work, but I didn't care (and neither did my boss). Once the pain had left, I checked for swelling. None.
I checked for soreness. None.
I checked for any tender teeth. None.
Hmmm. Weird.
No more pain came back the rest of the day. I tried to avoid hard food, like chips, just to be sure.

I just got back from the dentist.
I grind my teeth at night.
No, nope, not going to believe it.
The dentist made me align my teeth, and then look in the mirror. He pointed out to me that I had grinded two teeth down, where they were supposed to be pointy and sharp.
He asked me if I wake up at night. YES. (but, doesn't everyone?)
He asked me if I get headaches. YES. (but, doesn't everyone?)
I showed him where the headaches usually start, which is around my temporal lobes. Coincidentally, that's where my jaw clenches.
He offered me a little applicator that sits on your front teeth, and keeps your back teeth from touching and clamping down. It also lowers the muscle activity in the jaw, which will decrease my headaches. Sounds nifty, huh? Yeah, they want $500 for nifty. (by the way, I said no thanks...)
My brother grinds his teeth at night. He always has. I would make fun of him sometimes. I never knew that I myself did the exact same thing.

I still don't believe it.


Yelena said...

Oh my.
That is so weird. Of all the things you could have thought was wrong, it had to be something like teeth grinding right?
I should look into that, I have a lot of the similar symptoms, although mine are more likely from stress! lol :)

Han said...

My hubby grinds his teeth and although it doesn't wake him it wakes me which is really really funny.

On the other hand I just have funky wonky teeth anyway so don't think about the random aches and pains lol. Although I am having more headaches and know that they aren't caused by my glasses and my usage of the computer so maybe I need to ask the Dentist next time I'm there

MandeeFoFandee said...

duuuude, that SUCKS! my husband grinds his teeth at night and it is SO loud and annoying! I hope you do it quietly! ;)

MandeeFoFandee said...

PS - I gave you an award on my blog! :)