sunday football.

Can I just say that Sundays are the GREATEST day of the week? Not only is there church, which is so much fun, but also there is FOOTBALL. I look forward to this day all week.

In case you didn't know, I picked up Fantasy Football this year, and I am LOVING it!! This week I am playing against Becca's team. So far I am beating her...SO FAR. As I am typing I am enjoying the Patriots/Chargers game. SO exciting! I'm not really going for either team. No players on my fantasy team are from these two teams. It's still fun to watch the plays, though.

It's always thrilling when a team intercepts the ball. The best part is hearing the stadium go wild. Half is cheering "YEAH!" and the other half is cheering "NOO!"On those rare occasions, you will get an interception that's immediately followed by a touchdown. That's what happened to Jay Cutler today. He threw an interception to the Redskins, and they ran the ball into a touchdown! SO exciting! Not only are the fans pumped that their team intercepted the ball, but they went ahead and scored a touchdown in the same play! F.U.N.

Well, I'm going back to my game now. The Patriots are ahead by three right now. There's two minutes left in the game and the Patriots have the ball. It's going to be an intense two minutes!


e.day said...

ahh! i watched this game yesterday and loved it! JJ is a diehard Chargers fan and I am a Patriots fan, so competition is always fierce!

I need to get up the courage to do Fantasy, though. Maybe start watching SportsCenter more often :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

cute cute blog. I love it all!