weekend. weekend. weekend. [picture overload]

Oh, hello Monday. So nice of you to show up. NOT.

Well, I had a pretty eventful weekend. Quite nice, might I add. Included in this weekend post will be special appearences by Thursday and Friday. Not really part of the weekend, but today they are.

Thursday night and Friday night I went to the women's rally at my church. My mom, Becca, and I were on the Pampering team. We chatted with some beautiful ladies while we massaged their hands and necks.

The women's rally was awesome! SO much fun. I look forward to it every year.

Saturday morning I joined my dad and brother for some CERT training. For all of you who don't know what that is, it's Community Emergency Response Training. Still lost? Yeah, I feel ya! (just kidding, Dad!)

(and here comes the picture overload)

Last Saturday:

Caleb, Jack, Dad and me building a tower from resources on hand

Me assisting in moving a "person" onto a backboard

Learning how to dress and wrap a wound

Saturday. This was the most fun day between the two.

Me and Dad in a firetruck

I may look like I know what I'm doing, but I'm don't!

Sexxay firemen! haha

Caleb in the firetruck

Me and Caleb. :)

Dad was in charge of lighting the fires.

Caleb and Jack putting out a fire.

Me talking to a person who is stuck under 400 pound tables. (It's called imagination, people!)

Last night I started making ipod cases!! WHOO HOO! Here is a sneak peak. These pictures were taken with my phone, so they're a little dark. I'll have some legit pictures up tomorrow.

buttons and leaves cream ipod cozy

night owl ipod cozy

blue songbird ipod cozy

blue gold rosette ipod cozy

I've also been working on this. It's not fully updated yet, but go ahead and check it out!


Han said...

I've done a first aid course but not the fire bits as well. I have two friends who are trainee fire fighters so hopefully if we were at church or something they would come to our rescue or I'd be able to work a fire extinguisher lol.

Yelena said...

Wow girl - that training looks intense! good for you for working on it though- those are skills you may need one day.
and those cosies are so adorable - crafty lady! :)