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I present to you, Suzy from It Walked On My Pillow...


okay, the thing about halloween is that you need either a million hours or a million dollars for costumes these days, and who wants to spend that kind of time/money on a costume you are going to wear once?

here i raise my hand and give a resounding: "not me."

maybe you feel differently. i feel that you are weird. [i have a friend who spent 125 dollars on a single red-eye contact for her costume. who knows what the rest of it cost. i almost cried. i'm THAT much of a tightwad.]

it is now the eve of halloween, and i don't have a costume yet. and tomorrow morning when i wake up, i probably still won't have a costume. and still no million dollars and million hours. but i ain't skerred. i'm going to wake up, pump up the jams [who's getting scared now by imogen heap (LINK), of course--what else do you listen to on halloween?], and make my halloween costume in 5 point 4 seconds.

my go-to? i scour the internet for a good close-up shot of somebody sort of a little bit famous, preferably not too recognizable, blow their face up [no not literally], print it off on cardstock, punch holes in their eyes [no not literally], and their ears, tie a string through the ear holes and wear their face along with a couple of hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants. i realize, it's not the prettiest costume, but i think i'm cool. and that's really all that matters on halloween. that and who's getting scared now by imogen heap.

here is a picture of me the last time i dressed up for halloween: i was john reuben, a white Christian rap artist. seriously, would you rather be a million dollar pumpkin, or a Christian rap artist?

me. too.


Are you like Suzy?


suzy said...

very much so.

as a side note, this year's costume is gonna be the bomb-diggity, i promise.

amylou said...

love it Koree! Way to go suzy! That is pretty much awesome!

Holly Knitlightly said...