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I, the wicked witch, will be out of your hair in two days! Have you enjoyed my tips for this Halloween?

Tonight's post will be taken over by Lydia. You can read her blog here! Such a lovely gal. One of Koree's favorite bloggers!  


Hi, ladies (and possibly gentlemen)! I’m Lydia and I write over at my blog, Lyds Was Here. When Koree asked me to do a guest blog post for Halloween I was more than excited to participate! I really love Halloween and all of the fun stuff that comes along with it. I really like to bake, so I especially like a good, fun Halloween-themed recipe. So this year I turned to the queen of all things decorative, style, and food related…Good ol’ Martha Stewart!

On her website I found this really fun recipe for a “Marshmallow Ghost Cake.” Right away, I knew I wanted to try my hand at this one. It’s adorable! And it looks so fun to make. It was. For my first time baking it I didn’t exactly follow the recipe. Don’t get me wrong; I love baking from scratch! But for this time around I took the easy approach, and I changed things up a bit (my husband doesn’t like chocolate or cream cheese). So I used the following ingredients:

two boxes of white cake mix
vegetable oil
large marshmallows
baby marshmallows
chocolate sprinkles
whipped cream
and for decorative purposes, candles.

Using this approach to the ghost cake is great if you’re short on time, aren’t the best baker, or simply aren’t the biggest fan of baking. It’s pretty quick and simple, but most importantly, still cute and fun!

You need enough ingredients to make three layers of 8” cake circles, just follow whatever your cake boxes say, or if you’re being totally awesome and actually following Martha’s recipe…you’ll know what to do! So make your cakes and then it’s on to the more fun parts!

Once your cakes are done, frost them, and stack them up. E-A-S-Y. (I’ll be honest here, though…cakes are NOT my forte. And mine was a bit messy. Shrug!) Then it’s time for your marshmallow ghosts. They’re super cute and easy! For mine, I simply stacked a couple of big ones (using frosting) and a couple of small ones, too. I poked the chocolate sprinkles in for eyes, and I used the whipped cream for the tops of the ghosts. (Martha does it a bit different! See recipe.)

Now, my favorite part is the candles! The ones I bought are very BeetleJuice-esque. Um, basically my favorite. (Hello, namesake!) I really felt like they made the cake, and sort of saved it. Haha. I just placed them around randomly! Do it however you like. And when I was done, I sprinkled the rest of my chocolate sprinkles on the cake and on the plate. In my opinion, this sort of gave it a dirt/graveyard feel. At least, that’s what I was going for! It probably would have been better if I’d had more sprinkles, though. So if you decide to go that route, be sure to get plenty of sprinkles!

Like I said earlier, cakes are not my thing. This was actually the first “real” cake I’d ever baked. I’m telling you this basically just to reiterate the fact that this cake is easy and fun! Towards the end, I started to get a little nervous that it wasn’t “perfect.” But then I realized that wasn’t what it was about. (Unless you’re going to a big Halloween dinner party. Then, you can’t use that excuse, duh.) Seriously, though. It was really fun to make this cake, and probably would have been even more fun to do it with my little brothers and sisters. So if you have sibling or kids, ask them to join in! You’ll have so much fun making the little ghosts and decorating. Plus, you’ll need them there to help eat it. This cake doesn’t mess around…it’s huge.

I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe, and really hope someone will try it out! If you do, let me know. A big thanks to Koree for asking me to participate! I had fun. Come on over and visit me at my blog, Lyds Was Here. xo.


Thanks, Lydia! I love this cake, and really want to try it out!!

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Lauren said...

That is way cute and looks fun!! I've actually never baked a cake before...