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Wicked Witch here. I'm back with another fun tip for this Halloween. Did you enjoy my last post? I think I may still be getting the hang of this blogging thing, so please be patient while my little pointy fingers learn how to do this.

 This posts will be all about candles. This is a fun way to decorate a space or a room for Halloween, and a great thing to do with the little munchkins.

Tip 001: Glitzy Candles - simple

pillar or taper candles
candle decopaint
ultra-fine glitter
folder or thick paper

001a: Use the candle decopaint to add Halloween-themed drawings to the candles.
001b: While the decopaint is still wet, sprinkle the glitter over the areas you wish to highlight.
001c: Work over your folder or thick paper so that you can easily funnel any stray glitter back into its canister.
001d: Allow candle to dry for 24 hours.

Tip 002: Spooky Candles - difficult

3 tall glass enclosed candles
4" wooden letters, spelling "E-E-K" or "B-O-O"
craft paint
Perfect Pearls embellishing kit by Ranger Ink
spray bottle filled with water
8-mm jump rings
E6000 glue
needle-nosed jewelry pliers

002a: Paint the wooden letters with craft paint and allow them to dry. An eerie mix of green and black paint or a ghostly white works well.
002b: Rub the pad of Pearlizing Perfect medium on each letter.
002c: Use a paintbrush to dust the patina powders included in the kit on each letter. Spray with water from the spray bottle to set the pigments, and allow them to dry.
002d: Use E6000 glue to attach an 8-mm jump ring to the back of each letter in the center and at the top. Position the jump ring so that approximately half of the ring is exposed at the top of the letter. Allow the glue to dry for at least 8 hours.
002e: Wrap chain around the lip of the candle glass. Link the chain together to form a loop of chain around the top of the candle with a tail of chain.
002f: Use the needle-nosed pliers to attach another jump ring to the jump rings on the letters. Attach this second jump ring to the chain.



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Lovin these witchy tips!
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Krystal said...

those are soooo cute!