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So, if you're the type of person who decroates for Halloween then you most likely already have your decorations up or planned. BUT if you're like me, then you wait until the last minute to do everything.

This tutorial is brought to you by Becca. She is Koree's sister-in-law. She has a blog, which you can read here. She so lovingly created these pumpkins just for this post. So nice! Take it over, Becca!

Hey there! It's Becca from Life in Technicolor and I am here to share a simple little Halloween/Fall craft with you. It's really simple, requires very little supplies, and is great for little kids to make by themselves (as long as you give them safety scissors!)

Paper Pumpkins

You'll need:
• 2 sheets of orange paper (I used construction paper but you can use cardstock, scrapbook paper, printer paper, etc.)
• suede cord (you can also use ribbon)
• scissors or paper cutter
• optional: small hole punch

Step 1: Cut 1" strips from two sheets of paper.

My husband Caleb helped me out by making a smaller pumpkin. To do this, he cut his sheets of paper into a shorter length than mine.

Also, don't be concerned if your strips aren't perfectly the same size. As you can tell, mine are a little uneven.

Step 2: Punch a hole in the ends of each strip. Smaller hole punches work better if you have one, but if you just have a normal sized one, you can use wider ribbon or cord. I just used scissors since I had a large hole punch.

Step 3: Cut a piece of cord/ribbon.

Step 4: Tie a knot in one end of your cord/ribbon (and string it through all the holes on one end of your strips. If you're using ribbon, it helps to cut the end at an angle and then use a lighter to seal the edge.

Step 5: Then, put the ribbon through the other set of holes on the other end.

Step 6: Tie a knot at that end, making sure the strips bend a little bit to allow for the pumpkin shape.
Step 7: Push all the strips to the sides so they are pressed against the knots.
Step 8: You can also add a loop or a bow for decoration.

Step 9: Now fan out your little strips until they make a pumpkin.

Step 10: Arrange and enjoy your cute d├ęcor!

You could also use brown or white paper to make different colored pumpkins!


Thank you so much, Becca! This is such an easy and simple little way to decorate your home or patio!

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