christmas shopping.

Every year Christmas shopping seems to be a little bit hectic. Sometimes my dad and I will go the week before Christmas to get my mom's gift, and vice versa. It always seems to be crazy busy, too. Well, this is the first year I am ordering most of my gifts online. Yes, I am an online shopper! AND I AM LOVING IT! No standing in lines, no showing up to the store only to realize they are sold out on that one item I need, and no driving into town!

I know what some of you are thinking...
"But what about shipping prices?"
Did you know that most of the places online offer either a holiday shipping deal or a discount on their items? Everything I have bought so far I have been able to get cheaper. All you have to do is go to Google and search for "coupon codes" for the item you are buying. Other places online have their deals plastered all over their website.

Now, I can not tell you specifically what items I bought...but I can tell you that I purchased something off of Ebay and Amazon. Both items I was able to get free shipping! SCORE.

I would suggest for you to search online for the item you are wanting to get before you go in store (that is IF the store offers online shopping). Check out the deals they have, and see if you can get it cheaper by ordering it online. You will have to wait a certain amount of days until your item arrives, but it may be worth it if you can get it cheaper.

Here is my checklist for this month and next month...

Dad's birthday gift
Becca's birthday gift
Becca's Christmas present
Caleb's Christmas present
Mom's Christmas present
Dad's Christmas present

Of course, Caleb's is the only one that I can not get online. That's okay! What I am getting him will be fun to actually go in the store to get...

How is your holiday shopping coming along?


Yelena said...

That's amazing!
I haven't even started Christmas shopping - been way too busy! :(
Good for you though! :)

MandeeFoFandee said...

girrrrrrl, I'm almost FINISHED with my Christmas shopping (and I have about 15 people to buy for) and it's all thanks to online shopping! if you're ever shopping at a big name store, check out retailmenot dot com and you can not only find free shipping codes, but discount codes as well! I swear by it!

disha said...

Nice blog, Thanks for sharing.

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becca. said...

I've been done Christmas shopping since Halloween. All of my presents are wrapped and under the tree because I found them online, in thrift stores, or I made them. (Minus Caleb's last few, haha. It's so hard to find time to go shopping without him or to be sneaky when I'm with him!) I wanted an early start this year so I could relax and just wait for Selah to get here. :)