creativity slash giving thanks

November 1st:
I am thankful that I work with people who make me laugh.
November 2nd:
Today I am thankful that I am part of a creative family.

I find myself in the middle of a busy week. I have a big project that I'm currently drowning in (drowning being a good thing). I find it silly that I'm even blogging right now because I'm supposed to be working on something for this project right now. You may be wondering what this project is, but I'm not going to tell you today. I will tell you Friday...I pinky promise.:) Friday is the day that this project will be complete. Just know that I am extremely happy right now. My creative juices are overflowing!

I am part of a very creative family...

likes to build things with his hands. He built our house, porch benches, a garden bed, a shed...you name it, he can make it! He has 15 years of experience in construction, so you can imagine how handy he is! He is currently engulfed in his own project right now.

is a writer. She finds herself writing too much in her classes. She usually has to narrow her 4-page paper into a 2-page paper. Crazy! She can write poetry and even can draw (although she doesn't do much drawing anymore). She's always the person that when either Dad or I are trying to make a decision on something we made, we always say "ask Mom". She's super intelligent.

plays guitar and draws. As a teenager, his room and his walls were covered in pencil drawings and lyrics from songs. He loved, and still loves, all types of music. I remember one night he was listening to classical music as he fell asleep. I didn't even know we had a radio station that played classic music. He can pick up a guitar and play any song after listening to it once. He's crazy talented.

(I don't have her genes, but I sure wouldn't mind it if I did [that sounds creepy])
Becca is just like Caleb (which is a good thing, because they are married and all). She paints, writes, draws, blogs, and sings. Plus she is a pretty crafty little gal. She makes hair accessories, which you can browse through here, and she sews (check out her most recent finished project here).

So what I didn't realize when I posted yesterdays post that there are a lot of challenges going around this month. I just decided to post something everyday that I am thankful for. I guess I'm not the only one who is doing this! You can check out what Becca is thankful for here, and what Mandee is thankful for here.
What are YOU thankful for today?


Krystal said...

What a cool tribute to your fam :)

Yelena said...

Family is the most important thing in our lives, they're like a built in support system, there for you no matter what! we're definetely blessed to be born into such amazing families! :)