freebies + printables

Ok, so I'm extremely bored here at work. There's nothing to do...so I found some cute printables for all of you! Go check them out!!

too adorable to pass up! print yours here

such a cute idea. tutorial and downloads here

menu planner. print it here.
(Becca had a great idea...put this paper in a frame. Use an expo marker to write over the glass. It wipes right off when your week is done!)

gift tags! adorable! get them here.


Sara said...

Those are so cute! Thank you for sharing!

Han said...

I love these they are sooo cute - my issue is that I don't have a printer - might have to see if I can borrow one lol.

Gracie said...

Whee I love free printables. I love using them in my letters etc.

Thanks for entering my giveaway! I actually really love the 2011 diary but I know it's a bit too big for me ;)

Yelena said...

I love these!
especially the pillow one. aweee ;)