just as i promised + giving thanks

So earlier in the week I told you that I have been working on a project. Indeed I have. It's been one crazy busy week. 

There's a store in downtown Springfield that sells local handmade and vintage items. I submitted an application to sell my hair accessories in their store, and they so gladly accepted!! YAYY!! This whole week I've been making new accessories, printing off new labels, trying to think of creative ideas for tags, blah blah blah! I took my accessories to their store last night.
My hair accessories can now be found at Indie.
I am so ecstatic. Here are a few pictures of my newest items with their fresh tags. :)

All of the tags are paint swatches. Each tag is unique. <3
I am suuuper excited!!

If you live in the area, go take a look.
Indie is such a unique and fun store! :)

You can find Indie on Facebook. :)

November 1st:
I am thankful that I work with people who make me laugh.
November 2nd:
I am thankful that I am part of a creative family.
November 3rd:
I am thankful for warm pajamas and cozy hoodies.
November 4th:
I am thankful for my many friends who consistently encourage me and know how to lift me up when I am down.
November 5th:
I am thankful for my healthy addiction of Fantasy Football.

I am so happy that my brother dragged me into this. It's so much fun. I've always loved football but could never really get into it because I felt like there was no point in watching it unless the Broncos were playing. Now I have a reason to catch any game. I also find myself watching teams that aren't even on my team. It's given me a desire to watch football...even college football! I will admit it's an addiction of mine. BUT it's healthy, so it's ok. :)


Yelena said...

i love indie. Camille, the owner, is such a sweetheart. I've worked with her on several occasions on different projects and she's been so helpful!
I'll have to stop by and see your pieces in person! love that first bow. :) creative tags as well :)
congrats on the opportunity! :)

Pia said...

Oh I love your hair accessories! So so cute!

abigail said...

Your hair accessories are adorable!

♥ abigail