my halloween

Did everyone have a fun Halloween? I know I did! Halloween for me started on Friday with a little costume contest at my work (results still pending). Here are some pictures of my costume...

Then on Saturday my Dad and I filmed a video with me in my indian costume. Take a look if you would like...

On Saturday night I went to go see a play at Evangel University. It was called "The Boys Next Door". We ended up going Friday night, and then went back on Saturday night to see it again. My cousin Chris was in the play. He did a great job.

On Sunday afternoon I spend some time with my momma. We went shopping at the Children's Orchard for some clothes for Baby Selah. Then we had lunch at Subway and shopped a little at WalMart. Then I headed over to Caleb and Becca's house.

Candy bowl for the trick-or-treaters
Great way to cover the door bell that doesn't work..

Happy Halloween!

Caleb & Becca were dressed as Caesar and Cleopatra

Baby Selah :)


I was trying to scare Becca.

It didn't really work.

It worked on Caleb, though!

He couldn't fight me off!

Until he used a choke-hold...

And that was my Halloween!
How was yours?

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suzy said...

haha! i love that your dad would make a video with you, that's awesome.
my h'ween was lovely, thanks for asking. :)