t-gives + weekend

Ohhh what a wonderful Thanksgiving I had!

I had family that came in from Colorado. I love them so much! A few of my cousins I hadn't seen in years! It was great. I love hanging out with my cousins. We talked, ate, watched The Office, went bowling, saw the new Harry Potter movie (which I hadn't seen the previous two, so I was a bit confused), watched football, went out to eat, laughed, played Scattegories, learned a new card game (Golf), and walked downtown!

This was also the first year that I had a sister-in-law at Thanksgiving. :)

Friday I went downtown with my dad for Black Friday. We went to Indie and another store (I can't tell you because that's where I got Caleb's birthday present and I want to keep it a secret!). Neither of them were as packed as I thought they'd be. While at Indie, I dropped off some more inventory and picked up two new dresses :) They're kind of hard to see in the pictures, but they're extremely cute!

I went to the other store, and picked up my final Christmas present on my list: Caleb's. It was pretty easy to find, since I knew what he was wanting.

On Saturday I went downtown with my Grandma and mom. We walked around, and looked at all the different shops. I hadn't walked around downtown for awhile, so it was neat to stumble across some new favorite shops. :)

Then I saw Harry Potter with some of my cousins, and went back to Grandma's house to hang out with my cousins a little bit more before they left.

Sunday was my Dad's birthday. YAY! 40! He's a young one, and an awesome one. My mom and I got him a 50mm lens for his camera. :) Caleb and Becca came over after church. I made lunch for everyone, and we sat around and watched football.

Bo Bear trying to feel Baby Selah kick.

Oh, and I got to feel Baby Selah move around. :) I hadn't been able to feel her kick yet, so it was so incredible! Bo even got to feel her move around. :)

So, I got a lot of things checked off my to-do list this week!
I ordered Christmas presents, made more headbands, spent time with family, rinsed out the onesies I tie-dyed for Selah (FINALLY), cashed out some money for CofO, and worked on a little side project for Becca yesterday.

I feel productive. :)

How was your Thanksgiving/weekend?


Yelena said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday! :)
I love indie - camille is so sweet. I have yet to stop by and see your accessories though.. :(
Love the photos! :)

Tiffany Ahlswede said...

I wore your headband that I bought from indie all day Sunday!

I also saw Harry potter I also saw tangled(which is so amazing)!

I miss you and looove ya!

Krystal said...

sounds like a busy but good w/e!!