college countdown | 11 days.

11 days.
until I start working at getting in shape.
until I have to clip my fingernails for my new job.
until I get a ton of new friend requests on facebook.


today's plans

I get to spend my day with these two lovely ladies today. I'm excited. I'll be leaving for college in thirteen days, so I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with caleb, becca, and selah.

Becca and i will be making these today:
photo courtesy of Heather Amer

I'm excited to actually hang out with my sister-in-law. I haven't really got to hang with her for awhile, so it's nice to have some girl time (and baby time!)

Selah just recently had her christmas pictures taken. Here's just a little teaser for you...

heather cherie photography

Anywaayyys...I'm pretty excited for today, and I'm sure you will be seeing another post from me today for my college countdown. I hope all of you aren't tired of me yet! I'm just so excited to be going to college in 13 days!


14 days + a little weekend recap

14 days.
until I get to wear my new dress to the banquet during Character Camp.
until I stay up late every night.
until I can say that I'm an official college student.

Ok, so Friday night I hung out with my friend Danielle. We joined our friend Michael downtown for some subs, cupcakes, and coffee...with conversation of course. Danielle and I went to Gordmans, where I picked up my new dress for the formal banquet during Character Camp. (!!!!) I'm so excited to wear it.
That night I didn't sleep at all. We stayed up talking and laughing. Needless to say...I was SO TIRED the next day. Although we had Christmas at Grandma's, and another Christmas party after that...I MADE IT. I guess 9 hours of sleep last night wasn't enough for me...I skipped out on church this morning.
Today I'm enjoying a day full of football.
Can you believe Christmas is this Saturday? It came up so quick this year. Luckily I have all of my Christmas shopping done. I just need to wrap all of the presents. Which I love doing, by the way.
What's something you like to do before Christmas day?


college countdown! | 15 days.

15 days.
until showers become a luxury.
until I can wear sweats to class.
until I move all my clothes from one closet to another.


pretty pretty... mittens + tutorial!

all images via <3

Ooohh lovely mittens. How I love you.
Here is a super cute tutorial from Ruffles And Stuff on how to turn old socks into
long gloves (and scarves!!)
[click on image for tutorial]

Keep those fingers warm!

college countdown! | 16 days.

16 days.
until I get to meet my "siblings".
until I get to experience the joy of studying again.
until I get to use my soft, new towels. :)


pretty pretty... winter sweaters

souce: <3

If you're like me, and find it incredibly difficult to rock a sweater, here are some links for you...

Forever 21 has some really cute sweaters this season. Click here to browse through their catalog.
For more unique patterns and sweater styles, visit Urban Outfitters online.

Make sure you stay warm and cozy this winter!
It's starting to get pretty cold out there!

college countdown! | 17 days.

17 days.
until I get to sport a hair net at work everyday. [yay...]
until I get a college "mom" and "pop".
until my sleep schedule gets all jacked up.


it's becca's birthday!

It's Becca's birthday today!
Isn't she stunning?!
She's the best sister-in-law anyone could ask for!
She's one of my best friends, and such a strong woman.
Please do me a great favor and head on over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday!! :)

college countdown | 18 days.

18 days.
until I meet a whole new group of friends.
until I start fresh with a new room.
until I switch from mom's cooking to cafeteria food. [not a good thing]


pretty pretty.... ornaments.

source: we<3it

college countdown! | 19 days.

19 days.
until I start my new job in the Keeter Center, working in the kitchen. [just found that out today! yay!]
until I have my first roommate.
until I start a busy schedule, balancing work and school!


as i promised :)

These are all taken by Heather of Heather Cherie Photography. Her work is amazing. :) These are just a few of the many pictures she took over the weekend. I'm sure I will share more later; it was so hard to pick.