14 days + a little weekend recap

14 days.
until I get to wear my new dress to the banquet during Character Camp.
until I stay up late every night.
until I can say that I'm an official college student.

Ok, so Friday night I hung out with my friend Danielle. We joined our friend Michael downtown for some subs, cupcakes, and coffee...with conversation of course. Danielle and I went to Gordmans, where I picked up my new dress for the formal banquet during Character Camp. (!!!!) I'm so excited to wear it.
That night I didn't sleep at all. We stayed up talking and laughing. Needless to say...I was SO TIRED the next day. Although we had Christmas at Grandma's, and another Christmas party after that...I MADE IT. I guess 9 hours of sleep last night wasn't enough for me...I skipped out on church this morning.
Today I'm enjoying a day full of football.
Can you believe Christmas is this Saturday? It came up so quick this year. Luckily I have all of my Christmas shopping done. I just need to wrap all of the presents. Which I love doing, by the way.
What's something you like to do before Christmas day?

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