preparing for christmas / spazz post

“Throw your soul through every open door. Count your blessings to find what you look for. Turn my sorrow into treasured gold.”
Rolling In The Deep, Adele

Christmas is drawing nearer and nearer. I know this because of two reasons: the date on the calendar says so and the amount of Christmas posts in my blog feed is increasing.

I feel kind of left out that I’m not doing a Christmas series or a ton of holiday posts. It’s really not like me!

Christmas hasn’t really started around my house yet. As I said before, we don’t have our decorations or tree up yet. We’re putting them up on Saturday. We have this tradition where we listen to Elvis Presley’s Christmas cd while we put up the holiday decor. We line our kitchen doorway with all the Christmas cards we receive. We each have our own ornaments that we hang on the tree.

This will be the first year that my brother won’t be home Christmas morning to open up presents. I will admit, it makes me sad. It makes me feel like an only child!


This week I find out my roommate for CofO. I’m super excited! I keep checking the housing information online to see if they’ve updated it yet! I’m so excited.

I only have six days left at work, and then I’m done! FOREVER! It kind of makes me sad! It was my first and only job I’ve ever had.

Did anyone catch Glee last night? It was the Christmas episode! And am I the only watching the Sing Off? I hope not, because it was awesome!!

I’m off work today, which means I’m supposed to be productive on my own. Haha! Yeah right…I’m going to watch Ellen and then make some more hair accessories to take into Indie next week. Sounds like a productive day to me!

What are your plans for today?
Whatever they are, I hope that you have a great and fun-filled Wednesday!


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Han said...

I watched it.... I saw the clip of Kurt's version of Baby it's Cold Outside on Monday and was soooo excited. (Pity the Christmas episode won't technically get to us till next year some time)

New room mate - aaaaaaahhhh so exciting

Whats the sing off?