pretty pretty... winter sweaters

souce: <3

If you're like me, and find it incredibly difficult to rock a sweater, here are some links for you...

Forever 21 has some really cute sweaters this season. Click here to browse through their catalog.
For more unique patterns and sweater styles, visit Urban Outfitters online.

Make sure you stay warm and cozy this winter!
It's starting to get pretty cold out there!


Irene said...

could you tell me, if you know, where number 3 is from? I WANT one exactly like that!

Baily Jones said...

I'm loving that bicycle one!
I love making it fun if we have to bundle up!

Baily @ pickingwildflowersblog.blogspot.com

Yelena said...

Cute!! :)
I love the links.
Because I need more ways i could wear my cardigans! lol. it's all that I wear come fall/winter/spring - so amazing for layering! :)