fill in the blank friday.

[image: Clockwork by bittersweetvenom]

Play along with Lauren over at the little things we do. :) It's simple and fun.

1. When I'm nervous... my heart starts beating really fast and my voice starts to tremble.
2. My favorite item in my closet is... my black cami. :) Goes under anything.
3. Put my pjs on and curl on the couch...is my favorite thing to do when I need to relax.
4. My favorite childhood memory is... riding my bike around the neighborhood. I would act like I was driving a school bus and I would stop at random places and "pick kids up." Haha.
5. Something you may not know about me is... I can't read analog clocks. Don't try to teach me, it's pretty much impossible.
6. A true friend... will still be your best friend if you become obese. Haha. Oh, and let you call them at 3am.
7. Something I hope people think of when they think of me is... Jesus. :)

Have a great Friday! :)



I'm flawed therefore I AM. My flaws are rad. Embrace your flaws because that's what makes you unique and that is truly beautiful. I'm only as flawed as I choose to believe. My crazy hair makes me unique. My body is beautiful no matter what the magazines say. Imperfection is beauty. My flaws are flawless. The color of my skin is flawless. I am beautiful. I refuse to hate my flaws.  I love my flawz. Flawed. My flaws make me unique and special. My flaws are me. 1 of a kind. Bold. Beautiful. Body. My body is flawless. Wisdom is beauty. I wasn't aware I had any flaws. I accept that this is as tan as I'll get. Being a nerd pays off. Love your flawz. Love your body. Embrace your flawz. My flawz make me ME. Contently flawed. Flawed but loved. I am 1 of a kind. Beautifully flawed. My flaws made make me stronger. Ferociously flawed. My flaws are fierce. I like my flawz...they make me ME. Uniquely U. Flaws=TRUE BEAUTY. Everybody's weird. Uniquelly and wonderfully flawed. My flaws will never stop my dreams. Perfection is boring. I am not a size 0 or a size 2 or even a 4 or a 6 and that's ok. Be different.


B to the DAY.

Ok, so I haven't updated for awhile now, and I think it's only necessary that I do now before my massive weekend comes sneaking up.

  • BDAY. Tomorrow is MY BDAY. Ahhhh. I'm SO excited. I'm ready to be eighteen. I don't really think much will change immediately... but we shall see as time progresses all that eighteen brings.
  • 13. A few posts ago I mentioned how I wanted to memorize 1 Corinthians chapter 13. I am here to say that I successfully completed this task. *Check* Obviously I can't prove it to you through this whole blog thing, but I can honestly say that if you were here, I could quote it to you. :)
  • THE BACHELOR. Ok, so I'm really really hoping Vienna doesn't win, but something inside me is pretty sure she does. This whole season they've been forming Vienna into this "monster" of a girl, and I'm pretty sure it's because they want to shock us when she wins. It wouldn't be a good show if there wasn't any drama. I still think Ali should be with Jake, so it's hard for me to think of anyone else with him. Wow, how obsessed have I become with this stupid non-reality TV show?!
Well, sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I'm lame, I know. Haha. I'll leave you with the most brilliant song ever made... Please enjoy...


tuneage from last.fm

So, last night while I was bored at work [and my boss was gone] I downloaded over 60 songs from last.fm's free music downloads. I mean, seriously, why listen to music on the radio when you could listen to artists hardly no one's ever heard of? [there was zero sarcasm in that.] So, this morning I am listening to them. Let me tell you, there are some AMAZING artists on that free download list. WOW. Good investment, Koree! Now, I know some of you out there already know of last.fm and probably more than I do, but I had never downloaded anything from that site because I didn't know if the music was "legit". But, I am so glad I did. WHOA. My iTunes just changed songs and I'm loving this next one! Ok, so let me share with you some of my favorites so far, and share with you the links where to get them for yourself! [On last.fm, below the song there's a button that says "free mp3" Pretty self-explanatory] :) Enjoy.

1234 by We Swim You Jump
Damaging This Apartment by Billie The Vision and The Dancers
Don't Think Too Much by Janek Samolyk
Let It Wave by Hallelujah The Hills
Let You Down by Tin Star Orphans
Crush by Cory Branan
Thank You by Lauren Zettler

Well, I hope your Wednesday is amazing. Please take advantage of these free downloads from last.fm, for you will not regret it. :)


loaded week.

This past week was pretty loaded (hints the post title.)

[monday] [bachelor]
(possible spoilers alert)
Ok, so usually I don't watch the Bachelor, but these past few seasons I've been hooked. This season in particular. I haven't missed an episode. Which is very odd for me. I just want to give you my opinion of this season... [the favorite] Ali. I've heard internet rumors going around that she leaves the show tonight due to work. If that's true, I will be extremely sad. She's adorable. [the one I can't stand] Vienna. I think there's more going around with all the women than they show on TV. I'm pretty sure most of the drama is staged for TV, though. [the boy] Jake. Seems like a nice guy. He's kicking girls off one by one, quicker than he's supposed to, which isn't normal for a Bachelor. [most recently eliminated] Corrie. She got kicked off for opening up (how I see it, anyway.) I'm pretty sure she got kicked off because she opened up to Jake about her "old-fashioned" ways, which I don't think are old-fashioned at all. She told him she wouldn't want to live with him unless they were married. I totally agree. I don't think Jake agreed with that, though. I can't wait to see what happens tonight! [predictions] Gia, Vienna, Tenley (supposing the rumors about Ali's voluntary leave is correct).

[tuesday] [work]
Not much more to say about that.

[wednesday] [church]
I love Pastor Scotty. He really knows how to bring the Word.

[thursday] [bible quiz practice]
The girls were extremely hyper, but they are sixth graders.

[friday] [the furrs]
I hung out with two of my favorite leaders from church: Darren and Amber Furr. I had never been to Nakatos, so they graciously took me. I loved it so so much. It was so much fun to watch "Big Steve" prepare our food right before our eyes. And the atmosphere is so amazing, might I add. Then we went to Hebrews coffee and played Last Word, paired with a White Mocha in hand. What a fun game that was. (totally owned) Then we went back to their place and just talked until the night called me.

[saturday] [league match and surprise party]
Saturday started off with our final League Match for Bible Quiz. (that's all I'm going to say about that because we didn't do too well) Then, when 6:30 rolled around, I went to my first ever surprise birthday party for my friend Andrea. We played birthday Jeopardy, watched a slide show of embarrasing pictures of the birthday girl, and played cherades. So much fun. :)

[sunday] [super bowl]
My saints dominated.

So, as you can see, this week was pretty loaded for me. I had something going on every night. It made for a great blog post, though. :)



Here is a conversation me and my brother, Caleb,
are currently having over text messaging.
I hope it brings you a laugh. :)

(Talking about my birthday party, which is on the 20th of February.)
Caleb: Oh ok... we can work all the details out when it gets closer. :)
Koree: Mmkay, well it's this weekend.
Caleb: Thought you were doing it the 20th?
Koree: I am.
Caleb: ...today's the 1st though.
Koree: Mmhmm, it is.
Caleb: You said it was this weekend though... you're crazy.
Koree: It is this weekend.
Caleb: You're so confusing. This weekend is the 6th and 7th.
Koree: But my birthday party is on the 20th.
Caleb: Yes I know... so what's this weekend?
Koree: My birthday party.
Caleb: Are you messing with me? Your birthday party is the 20th and this weekend is the 6th and 7th... so how is it this weekend?
Koree: Because my birthday party is on the 20th.
Caleb: I know but you said it was this weekend...
Koree: It is this weekend.