As college time comes creeping around the corner, many stores are putting their dorm necessities on sale. Even though I'm not moving in until January, I want to take advantage of all these sales before they're over!

A couple Mondays ago Caleb, Becca, Dad, and I all went shopping at Target for my dorm stuff. I picked out some really fun items, including...

this bed set

Instead of getting dark blue sheets, I got teal sheets. I decided to use teal as my primary color for all my items.
I bought a desk lamp, a shower caddy, underbed storage, closet storage and some school supplies.


Over the past few nights I have been having this same dream, and I don't know if it's because I've been thinking a lot about college, or if it's just... torture.

I keep dreaming that College of the Ozarks calls me, and says there's an opening for me in the Fall.
(For all of you who don't know...CofO said they can call me anytime between now until the end of August if there's an opening for me. GAAH!)

I hope so.


3 weeks off, 3 days of fun!

Today is my last day of work for three weeks! WHOO-HOO!
My summer has officially started! Haha.

I'm VERY excited for this weekend. I get to babysit (or as they say, "have a sleepover") with two girls: Jaden, age 8 and Ally, age 6. I will be "hanging" with them Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

I am so pumped!

I have planned out themes for each day, and games/activities to go along with each theme.

Thursday | Princess Day
Princess Bingo game, with candy as prizes.
We're going to watch either the Princess Bride or Ella Enchanted.
Cinderella coloring pages and some fun fairy tale word searches.
Princess crowns and tiaras, for them to color and wear. :)
Princess ribbon wands.
Origami of a frog.
Then, to end the day, we're going to bake some sugar cookies, and decorate with pink, strawberry icing.

Friday | Beach Party Day
A Summer Fun Matching Game, with candy as prizes. (of course)
I bought them each a grass skirt to wear over their swimsuits (which I am requiring them to wear all day!)
Sidewalk chalk.
Origami of a fish and a sea turtle.
A variety of beach-y word games and puzzles.
Silly straws. :)
Afternoon activity? Swimming!

Saturday | Carnival Day
Lion and elephant masks, for them to color and wear.
Fun carnival word searches and mazes.
Carnival Bingo, with candy as prizes.
Sidewalk chalk.

I think I'm more excited than they are!!


girl crush | m. rodriquez

such a bad girl, with such a beautiful side.

michelle rodriquez.

A girl who is able to still uphold her bad-girl image, while still being so elegant and beautiful, is worthy of a
girl crush.

ding ding.

One of my favorite things about living in the city is
the ice-cream truck.
Since I live out in the country, I don't get the ice-cream truck anymore (and no pizza delivery).
I haven't heard that "ding ding" since I was a little girl, that is...until this past weekend!

I went into town to visit with my grandma for a little bit. While we were in a deep conversation about movies, I heard that lovely music coming from outside. I immediately stopped talking, and asked "What is that?" Grandma responds, "That's the ice-cream truck!" I jumped to my feet, and ran out the front door before she even finished her sentence. I waved to him like a crazy woman, and he came pulling up.

I bought a chocolate crunch bar. Mmmmm... :)

What is your favorite thing to order from the ice-cream truck?


and the winners are...

Before I write an update on everything that's been going on, I thought I would sneak in a little post about a little award making it's way around...

I have received this lovely award from two lovely bloggers.
There's a few things I have to get out of the way upon receiving this award, so I'll go ahead and start with #1...

No. 1
Thank the person(s) who gave you this award.
*deep breath*
Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy! Thank you, Amy!Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca! Thank you, Becca!

No. 2
Share 7 things about yourself.
(1) I like fun salt+pepper shakers, like this set from I HEART LUXE.

(2) I am shrinking. Every time I measure myself, I'm shorter than the time before.
(3) I watch So You Think You Can Dance and The Bachelorette pretty religiously.
(4) I really really want to go to Disney World.
(5) I love the Old Spice commercials, including this one.

(6) I really wish I could take dance lessons, but I don't have the time or the money. I'm really looking forward to taking a dance class as an elective at College of the Ozarks in the Spring.
(7) I love watching musicals. Some of my favorites are Grease, The Phantom of the Opera, Across the Universe, and Sweeney Todd.

No. 3
Pass the award onto 15 bloggers.

No. 4
Contact the bloggers, and let them know they've won.
Slowly, but surely!


shopping + stocking

I spent all day yesterday and last night with Rachel. I had a lot of fun. :) We went to the mall and had lunch. Where did I eat? Oh, I don't know...MAXORIENT. Yummmm... :) Then we went around and shopped for a little bit. Maurices was having an AMAZING sale. I found a $12 scarf for $2.50! Yeah, that's a steal! Then I picked up a few striped shirts from Forever 21 for $5 a piece, and a white cami from Charlotte Russe for $7. I think I did pretty well for the day, don't you? I usually spend at least $50. I feel like I did a good job this time. :) We went to Taco Bell for dinner, then came home and watched Pride. If you haven't seen this movie, you really need to!

Then late at night, I received a phone call from my friend Chloe (in the photo above). She goes to College of the Ozarks, and gave me a list of things I am going to need for my dorm and classes. WalMart has some super awesome prices right now on school and dorm supplies. I figured now would be the time to go shopping, and start stocking up on my supplies. I am pretty excited about this. I grabbed some turquoise towels from WalMart for $4 a piece the other day.
Towels? Check. :)



Today I went to Purevolume (which is an awesome site, by the way) to find some new, fun music to listen to, and to my surpise I saw these guys on the home page...

If you have never listened to The Maine, you should.
Click here to open up a player of some of their songs.

This is one of my favorite songs by them.
It's called Whoever She Is.
Aaaaand this is the acoustic version.
Sooo it's even better. :)
Enjoy, kids.


etsy find | steam trunk studio

 I just found this shop on Etsy that is WICKED awesome.
You need to go check it out right now!
Here are some images from the shop...super cool jewelry...

Now, go! Go on! Check it out!
Tell me which piece is your favorite. :)

biscuit's giveaway

Head on over to biscuit's blog for an AMAZING giveaway! Don't be intimidated by all the entries...there's 20 prizes up for grabs! Yes, that means your odds just went up. :)
Featuring prizes from Amy Schmamey, Bleubird Vintage, Inspired Mess, BuenoBueno, Bird Trouble, and many other fun shops!
Go take a peek. :)
[giveaway closes July 23rd]

make-a-list monday

So, today is Monday. Oh, yes it is. And since I have not updated in a while, I thought I would do a fitting list for today...

Make-A-List Monday
[It's Monday. I'm making a list.]

5[ish] Things That Have Happened Lately, But Haven't Blogged About Because I Was Busy/Sick.

1. Sick
Ok...let's talk a little about this one. Yes, I was sick last week. I was throwing up and my mouth broke out with nasty blisters. Bleh. :/ My dad and I went to visit my Grandma (who lives 2 1/2 hours away) and went to the fair while we were there. Keep in mind that I was throwing up. Yeah, fair + sick does not equal a good time. Just saying...
2. Ozark Fair
So, they told us Ozark Farmers Market vendors that we could set up at the fair last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It turns out that we could only set up on Saturday morning from 8-10am. And guess what? It wasn't even inside the actual fair grounds. Who comes to the fair grounds on a Saturday morning when the fair isn't even going on until that night? Psshh. FYI: Total profit: $0.
3. Indie Conformity Creations
Shimmy on over to this right here to check out our new Summer Series accessories! There's a bunch of new, fresh hair clips and headbands. :) And guess what?! They're all half price! YESSSSSSSSSSSS. [oh, and if you don't follow the blog, you totally should.]
4. TV
We finally got a new one! WHOO HOO! Thank you dad for investing in my future!
5. Movie Gallery
In relation to the TV...Movie Gallery is going out of business! Sad for them and all the workers, but good for all of us movie-watchers! My dad and I picked up some good movies from there these past few weeks...

ohh...and how could I forget this one...

Tom is my favorite. :)

So that's pretty much been my past few weeks! OH! And So You Think You Can Dance has been pretty AMAZING so far! WHOO! Although, I'm wondering when the judges are going to let America take over the elimations...it is America's Favorite Dancer...hmm...
i am so very sorry! i have not been feeling very well these past few weeks. :(
i will try to write a few posts today to make up for my lack of blogging!