what to do when...

What To Do When: Life Hands You Lemons
A sugar addict's guide to lemon flavoring.

Step #1: When Girl Scout season rolls around, take this as your one chance to stock up on some cookies. No, I'm not talking about Caramel Delights, I'm speaking of the heavenly Lemonades. They're not only sweet, but also so addicting. You will need as many as you can get, so make sure you get enough to last you the rest of the non-girl-scout-cookie-season.

Step #2: First, get a paper towel and wipe that drool off the corner of your mouth. After doing so, bake a lemon meringue pie. There will be no more persuasion needed.

Step #3: You will need to wash down your multitude of cookies and pie, so why not stir up some cold lemonade! While you're at it, sell some fresh lemonade on that sidewalk of yours to pay off the debt you created from buying all those boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

Step #4: It's time to turn that old oven of yours on. It's time to bake some lemon bread. If you're not good at baking, have Grandma do it for you. Make sure to grab a nice glass of milk with your fresh, warm loaf.

Step #5: Large squares of lemon goodness. You can't go wrong with this one. Make sure you don't eat this in public. You will be inhaling these so fast, powder sugar will start to cover your face. 



springfield roller derby.

My dad took me to the Roller Derby on Sunday night.

I've been wanting to go for a long time.

I've had them on Facebook for awhile, but never really pushed to get tickets.

I was pretty excited when I finally figured out why we were at a roller skating rink.

I love all their crazy names (click on the name to see more): Shinobi, Psycho SuzieSandra Day O’Slaughter, Shotgun Shell, T Ann T, Khaos, Rusty Razorskates, Miss Chetty Boop, Amber Lager, and Poisonous Polly.

The Springfield Roller Girls were taking on the St. Lunachix.

They skate REALLY fast.

It was pretty thrilling to watch them throw eachother to the ground.

The Springfield Roller Girls took 2nd! (haha)

I even got a picture with one of the girls! Her name is Seven Deadly Shins. Hardcore, huh?!


I can't wait to go to another one! YES!

side note [click image to enter]:


a real life whip it.

I went somewhere yesterday.

Somewhere I've never been before.

It was competitive.

Pictures will be up tomorrow.

Here's a hint.

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kristen's bday

Tuesday was my friend Kristen's birthday. Yesterday we celebrated. She turned 19. She's getting so old! I had a full day planned out for her and I, starting at Millie's Cafe for lunch.  

Kristen looking all pretty!

Since it was Kristen's birthday, they gave us our choice of dessert. Chocolate cake. It was YUMMY.

Yummy cake

Then we headed over to Springfield's Art Museum. It was pretty cool! Then we decided to do a little shopping. We hit Plato's Closet and Rue 21. We found some awesome deals at Rue 21.

This skirt was only $1!

Another skirt I bought at Rue 21.

This shirt was also only $1!

After we were done shopping, we went to Entertainmart, where I picked up the first season of The Office for only $10. Then, we went to see a movie. We decided to see the movie Devil, since we like to see scary movies together. We don't really know why, we just happen to see a scary movie every time we go to the theatre.
We were the only ones in the movie theatre. At first I thought it was pretty cool.

That was, until the previews started rolling. Every preview was for a scary movie. I kept turning around, and checking to see if anyone was coming up behind our seats to scare us. I screamed twice during the previews. The man up in the box in the back of the theatre thought it was pretty funny.
The movie was pretty scary. Not too bad. Although, I did have one little problem...

a scary movie + a large coke = bladder problems

After the movie we checked out Spirit Halloween. Is it just me, or are all the costumes at the Halloween stores skanky? And the ones that aren't skanky are just plain stupid.

We grabbed a couple kid's meals at Chick-Fil-A, then headed back to my house to watch The Office.

It was a great day! :)

Happy birthday, Kristen!


over the river and through the woods...

...to Grandmother's house we go!

My dad and I went and visited my Grandma Baker this past week. She lives about 2 1/2 hours away from us, so we try to visit when we can. She's so funny. She always says really interesting things, and has halarious stories.

She thought I was being silly by taking her picture.

Dad and I discovered that she had cashews. We helped ourselves to them.

She has this beauiful lamp that hangs right by her recliner. I couldn't help myself.
I want this!

And then, on our way home, we stopped by this abandoned house and took some pictures. My dad just bought a new camera, so he's been messing with it alot. I love being the main subject of his photos! He did an awesome job, did he not?!

I will be messing with my blog later this evening. Please excuse the mess. You know how I am...I get bored with my blog really fast! 

my 30 days | day thirty

Thirty days ago I started this blogging challenge. Becca over at Life In Technicolor created it, and I've been participating everyday since. It's so much fun! I can't believe it's already over! I'll have to find another sweet little challenge here pretty soon. Hopefully you've learned a few things about me.

This picture was taken by my dad last Friday. He just got a new camera, so he's been playing around with it a little. Oh, and of course I don't mind getting my picture taken. ;)

Three good things that have happened within the past 30 days:
1. I visited my Grandma Baker. She's a lot of fun. She lives about two and a half hours away, so we try to visit her as much as we can.
2. I ordered a new power cord for my video camera. Videos should be up and running within the next few weeks.
3. The Office season 6 finally arrived in the mail! It arrived last Wednesday, and I've already watched all the episodes. Some of them I've watched more than once.

It's been a fun ride, My 30 Days!


my 30 days | day twenty-nine

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE journals.
I love to just sit here at work and look for my next cute journal online. I recently found this awesome site called Ecojot. They use recycled products to make killer new items, including journals. Here are some from their site:

They also have a great campaign...

Ecojot’s “Buy One, We Give One” campaign is our company’s new business model committed to directly advocate children’s arts and literacy in developing countries.
In many poor areas, young students cannot afford school supplies, nor are they provided them. In an effort to equip children in need with basic school supplies, Ecojot will donate a notebook for every Ecojot journal, jumbo journal and sketchbook purchased!!!

They also have a blog. You can visit it here.

Collections I'd like to start? Hm. If I started more collections, then my collections would be a collection! Haha. Well, I would like to start collecting anything with owls on it. But, who doesn't??