hot and dangerous.

Ewww...so I've been super sick lately. Gross. I'm slowly getting over it. My throat is on fire still. And I keep violently coughing. Ugh. Oh well.

Last night was the Freshmen Formal...

UMMMM...probably the most fun I've had in a LONG time. SOOO much fun! I can't even begin to describe how much I love college!

I thought I'd share some pictures from last night...I promise not to overload you. :)

Emily and Me (Yes, we're all aware that Emily looks completely EVIL in this picture!)

Ashley and Me

Me and Daniel

Emily, Isaiah, and Me

Addie and Me (my "momma"!!)

Zach and Me

Emily, Jessica, and Me

This has a story behind it...perfect picture, perfect moment. <3

Needless to say, it was wayyyyyyyy too much fun.


my trip to red velvet + college life

Last Saturday I finally visited the store that I've been reading about for over a year now. I was SO excited when I walked in...I was literally shaking. Now, if you don't follow Elsie and Emma, you really need to. They're both adorable and so much fun.

Here are a few pictures...I felt silly taking pictures, considering the fact that both Elsie and Emma were there. I didn't want to look silly, but next time I am SO taking more pictures! :)

 EEEEEEEEK! So cool. I loved their wedding dresses. So dainty and vintage and amazing! AH!

School is going great. A lot of running around and chaos sometimes...but it's great to just relax. All of my homework for tonight is done...great feeling...this is the earliest I think I've been in bed for awhile now...college life is consuming me! I have a big day tomorrow full of classes, work, work outs, and chill time. FUN. :)
The freshmen semi-formal is coming up...I'm SUPER pumped about that. I haven't been to a dance for awhile. I love dancing, so that should be a ton of fun. And no, I don't have a date! And I will be keeping it that way. :) I'm not quite sure what I'm going to wear yet...it's between this black velvet dress or this anchor dress paired with leggings. Hm. We will see!!

I hope everyone is having great weeks!



The people here are so amazing. I’ve never been around so many purely genuine people. My closest friend is this girl named Emily. I knew her a little bit before coming to college; we have a lot of mutual friends. We both go to James River. She’s so awesome. The guys here are pretty cool as well. They are very gentlemen-like, and not because they are trying to flirt, but because that’s how they were raised.
My job is an okay job. I wash dishes at the Keeter Center, which is the fancy restaurant that is open to the public. It’s pretty fast-pace, and sometimes can be a little tiring. But it’s paying for my tuition so I’m not going to complain.
My classes are overall pretty good. I have two that I’m a little worried about. One has a lot of reading and the other has a lot of writing. But I’m pretty sure I will get through it. My favorite class is my Fundamentals of Mass Media class. It’s a lot of fun. It’s an open discussion class, so there’s a lot of input. I love it so much. We watch music videos and movie clips and discuss them. Pretty cool.
I am living by myself, no roommate. At first I was upset with this, but as the week went on, I soon realized how convenient it is to be alone. I also somehow managed to score one of the biggest rooms on campus…I’m not quite sure how that happened but it’s a great bonus. I love my room here more than the one I have back at home. It’s so roomy and it’s just ME. I love decorating it, and being able to start fresh.

So, overall I’m having quite an amazing time. I didn’t think I would meet so many great people and have this much fun!!!!


the beginnings of college life.

Ok, so I think it goes without saying when I say that I am having an AMAZING time at college. Nope, "amazing" isn't even a great enough word. Let me just say that this school is...LEGIT. It is so much fun. I have met some of the coolest people in my life. Yes, I know I haven't updated in awhile...but what can I say?? It's so much fun here, and I've just been super busy! Here are some pictures to show you a little bit more about all of this...

One of the games we played during Character Camp

My dorm room :)
Coffee house night with musical guest Ben Rector. <3

The view from my dorm room. Looks like a Bob Ross painting.

I have more pictures, but my computer is being silly and stupid. :/
I hope to update more often! Once I get into the swing of my schedule then I shall post more often.