the beginnings of college life.

Ok, so I think it goes without saying when I say that I am having an AMAZING time at college. Nope, "amazing" isn't even a great enough word. Let me just say that this school is...LEGIT. It is so much fun. I have met some of the coolest people in my life. Yes, I know I haven't updated in awhile...but what can I say?? It's so much fun here, and I've just been super busy! Here are some pictures to show you a little bit more about all of this...

One of the games we played during Character Camp

My dorm room :)
Coffee house night with musical guest Ben Rector. <3

The view from my dorm room. Looks like a Bob Ross painting.

I have more pictures, but my computer is being silly and stupid. :/
I hope to update more often! Once I get into the swing of my schedule then I shall post more often.


Chloe said...

I'm glad you like it!
Hope you have as much fun as you can!!!

Han said...

We used to play a game like that at my youth group :) You have to sit down on the knees of the person behind - did you try to get the circle to walk round while sitting down? We'd always get about 5 paces and fall over in a heap lol.

Heather Grace said...

Ben Rector came to my college a few months ago - he was fabulous!

Kristen D. said...

ahaha Bob Ross you crack me up koree!