new goal of 2012: working out

I couldn't resist... :P

My boyfriend Benjamin and I started on a goal for 2012 yesterday. We started working out again. During the summer we worked out together, and we were doing really good! We both felt really good about ourselves and we had a consistent schedule going. But, just like every other time I've tried working out, I slowly started slacking. We both slowly stopped working out, and really haven't worked out since.

We both decided that we needed to get back in shape. I've always had insecurities about my body, and working out really helps me feel good about myself, even if I don't lose actual pounds. 

We wanted to work out together, be each other's accountability, and help each other remain disciplined through this goal of ours. There is a gym on campus, but since Benjamin graduated last year, he can no longer work out in the gym. :( So, we went on a little trip to find a gym that we could both work out in. We ended up finding a great gym through a friend at a local baptist church. It's a really great facility. It has a full sized gym, track, weight room, cardio room, a room with treadmills and ellipticals, and locker rooms with showers. The best part of this? $20 a year. That's right. $20 a year!!! We tested it out, and started our goal. 

I realized that I'm not able to do as many sit-ups as I once was able to...that needs to change! We had a great time working out together! I usually get confused on some of the equipment, so having Benjamin there to help explain it to me was a great thing. It's always nice to have someone to work out with, especially someone who is on your same level. 

I hope that we're able to keep up this time. I weighed myself (which I NEVER do), since I would like to know if along this journey I lose any weight. Fingers crossed! If not, at least it's time that I get to spend with my wonderful boyfriend. Plus, it makes me think a lot more about how I eat (Example: Tonight we decided to go to Subway for dinner instead of McDonald's), which is always a great thing. 

Have any of you started on a working plan since the new year? If so, what are some things you're incorporating into your plan? 

I hope you have a great Tuesday!

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{mahina} said...

Ahahahahaha I find it really funny that song's in this post, I didn't know you like J. Cole too. :) I hope your workout plan goes well for you...I haven't started mine yet. :P