starting again.

Let's try this blog thing again. :)
I've been so busy with college, work, and keeping up with a boyfriend (!!) that I haven't really had much time to keep my life recorded on my blog. So, with that said, I dearly apologize. Forgive me? 
Right now my life consists of relaxation while I enjoy the freedom of break from school. I start my sophomore year in a little over a week. I am so very excited to be progressing in my college career, but not so excited that it's progressing so fast. Here are a few recent pictures from this past Christmas break:

My girls and I went ice-skating this winter. It was on our must-do list for Christmas break. (L to R: Jessica, Me, Emily)

My man and I have had a wonderful time making great Christmas memories. Our one year anniversary is coming up in February. :) 

Part of our Christmas present from my parents was lunch at Haruno. I'm not a huge fan of sushi, or any type of fish, but I sucked it up and ordered an avocado roll... ;)
I hope that you've had a wonderful winter break. Things are starting to pick back up after the New Year, so I am wishing all of you smooth transitions and a happy weekend! :)

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