19 year old from a small town in Missouri.
I credit my happiness to Jesus who has saved my life.
I love going to lunch with friends.
The Office makes me laugh, therefore I watch it almost everyday.
I do this because I can.
Take me to a chinese restaraunt, and you will have my heart.
My birthday is February 18th.
I love being spontaneous and trying new and exhilarating things.

I have a wonderful and fun family. They are so supportive and creative. I credit my creativity and spontaneity on my parents. 

My brother is married with a beautiful and happy baby girl named Selah. Read more about their family here.

Being silly is my hobby.
I love meeting new people.
I forgive easily. Sometimes too easily.
I hate letting go.
If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would be McDonald's breakfast burritos.

I started dating this wonderful man back in February of 2011. I am so pleased to say that I have the greatest boyfriend in the entire world. :) We've been through a lot already, and have grown closer through it all. He is the reason why I smile.

I love John Travolta, no matter how old he is.
I have to sleep with my fan on.
I love waking up to music.
I'm a sophomore College of the Ozarks, and I am majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Special Even Planning.
I am athletically challenged and not afraid to admit it.
I smile when I feel like something's too serious.
I am addicted to my phone.
I love anything yellow.
I hate icecream... it's too cold.
I'm very spontaneous.
I love watching figure skating.

I fall easily.
I pick myself back up easily.
I am real.
I am loved. :)